DBM Journal

The Journal at a Glance

The Journal is written and edited for executives and managers responsible for defining, creating, implementing and integrating supply chain strategies. The Journal aims to help professionals remain informed about the latest and the most innovative ways to minimize their company's distribution and logistics costs, streamline their supply chain and maintain high standards of both quality and customer service.

The Uniqueness of the DBM Journal

Content ranges from academic studies to real-life implementations and industry case studies. The DBM Journal stands alone because it brings together the brightest minds from industry and the freshest ideas from academia to provide readers with the latest information on trends and developments in logistics and supply chain management. Because of the unique editorial content the journal has an unusually high level of executive readership. Readers share the Journal so that others may learn how to improve their operations. Advertisers can rest assured that their messages will be read with interest by managers and executives who are empowered to buy.

Editorial Integrity

The editorial content comes exclusively from industry leaders, seasoned journalists and academia. The Journal has a unique refereed section that is written and reviewed by academics. This refereed section combines the innovative thinking that comes from academia with suggestions for its practical application in industry to target future trends, growth and development. No other publication offers such a specialized and helpful blend of editorial coverage.

Call for Papers

All papers submitted to the Distribution Business Management Journal should focus on supply chain and logistics and be relevant to trends, innovations, case studies, and/or projects. Material should be original and cannot be copied or printed elsewhere. Submissions should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length and may be sent to athorn@dbm-assoc.com.

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